Priority Three

Student/Learner Success and Experience: Creating learners, leaders, innovators, and change-makers as part of Gallaudet’s bilingual (ASL/English) mission.

Rationale: Learning is at the core of Gallaudet’s mission and all aspects of student matriculation, academic, and social experience must support and strengthen their life-long learning competencies.

Goal: Strengthen competencies for academic, social and developmental learning and career readiness for all students.

Objective One: Facilitate student learning by establishing clear benchmarks for undergraduate Student Learning Outcomes.

Objective Two: Increase enrollment, retention and graduation rates for all students with a particular emphasis on students of color.

Objective Three: Strengthen the bridge from learning to career by providing high-impact career readiness strategies.

Objective Four: Strengthen Birth - 12th grade ASL/English bilingual academic achievement at KDES and MSSD.

Objective Five: Collaborate with external stakeholders to enhance our existing 0-5 bilingual educational programs and service opportunities.


  1. Establish and communicate campus-wide university-level undergraduate Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) benchmarks.
  2. Identify and address barriers and obstacles to matriculation, retention, and graduation.
  3. Continue to strengthen our efforts to increase and maintain the diversity of our student community, particularly students of color by enacting a multi-year recruitment and retention plan.
  4. Establish career education task force to guide the identification and development of high-impact career readiness strategies.
  5. Implement at KDES and MSSD the 2012-2018 Excellence by Design (accreditation) plan and the related annual school improvement plans developed by the schools.
  6. Continue to strengthen our partnerships with DC Strong Start, VL2, and Hands and Voices.
  7. Establish a faculty mentoring program.