Priority Four

Invest in Institutional Infrastructure: Strengthening Gallaudet’s strategic positioning for transformation.

Rationale: Gallaudet must strengthen its operational, tactical, and digital infrastructure to bolster its strategic position and assume its role as a transformational institution across the nation and globe.

Goal: Strengthen planning, leadership, communication, and digital ecosystems infrastructure to support Gallaudet’s bilingual (ASL/English) mission.

Objective One: Establish the foundation for vertical and horizontal integrated planning and alignment throughout the University.

Objective Two: Create leadership and professional development opportunities that will enhance and support the development of Gallaudet community members and university-wide succession planning.

Objective Three: Strengthen government relations efforts to grow revenue, positively impact public policy, and increase overall enrollment.

Objective Four: Design and conceptualize the systems, processes, and procedures to capitalize on and address the unique attributes and needs our ASL/English bilingual learning community.

Objective Five: Develop the digital infrastructure, inclusive of information technology and academic technology, to support internal operations and communications and to prepare Gallaudet to be a leader in global, life-long, digital learning innovations.

Objective Six: Establish a university-wide communication plan to strengthen Gallaudet’s internal communications and increase local and national visibility.


  1. Establish strategic plan implementation and monitoring structures and related systems.
  2. Develop division-level strategic plans in preparation for long-term strategic plan work in 2020.
  3. Review and update the campus master plan to reflect current guiding principles and the Sixth Street development project.
  4. Create leadership and professional development opportunities to enhance and support the development of Gallaudet community members and university-wide succession planning.
  5. Elevate and activate the Burstein Center for Excellence in Leadership and Innovation by convening national task force to develop recommendations for leadership offerings.
  6. Increase strategic engagement of Gallaudet leaders with federal officials, congressional leaders, and DC officials
  7. Participate in the ACAO/Gates Foundation Digital Fellows campus project.
  8. Develop a strategic action plan to guide the integration of internationalization into Gallaudet's priority areas.
  9. Create a university media and marketing strategy and related plan.
  10. Evolve board structures to better support redefined goals and outcomes.
  11. Establish standards for web and course accessibility for students with disabilities (including deaf-blind students).