Priority Five

Sixth Street Development, Research, and Thought Leadership: Enhancing academic and community vitality.

Rationale: We must strengthen Gallaudet’s academic vitality, the sharing of knowledge that can only come from the university in the areas of scholarship, research, and innovation.

Goal: Enhance the development and dissemination of research, scholarly, and academic pursuits to strengthen Gallaudet’s academic vitality

Objective One: Achieve targeted goals for programming consistent with Gallaudet’s master plan and commitment to increasing campus vibrancy and density for the Sixth Street Project Creativity Way rollout in 2021.

Objective Two: Strengthen support and direction for the Creativity Way knowledge studios and university-wide research, scholarship, and innovation activities.

Objective Three: Engage in planning process for a new campus learning commons.

Objective Four: Undertake a faculty-led process to re-conceptualize the function and role of faculty appointments.

Objective Five: Increase our impact through service to professionals and families nationwide consistent with the Clerc Center’s federal mission as outlined in the Education of the Deaf Act.


  1. Define Sixth Street Project outcomes and plan project implantation including resource allocation, with financial resources, leadership and staffing commitments.
  2. Plan and implement pilot Knowledge Studios as part of Creativity Way development.
  3. Complete Stages Two and Three of the Adapting by Design process for faculty redesign.
  4. Innovation and Entrepreneurialism?
  5. Develop department and unit priorities reflective of the short-term strategic plan priorities.
  6. Implement remaining birth – 12th grade initiatives from the Clerc Center Strategic Plan 2020.