Course Offerings

Professional Studies Courses

PST 555 Business and Technical Writing
Study and practice of professional writing skills and genres, such as resumes, letters of application, emails, memos, proposals, short reports, and manuals. Also covers professional use of social media. Designed for non-English majors and professionals.

Gallaudet Internal Courses

GUP 10 The Gallaudet - Federal Connection
This course describes Gallaudet's unique relationship with the Federal Government. Included are topics such as the appropriations process, the law providing certain Federal benefits to Gallaudet, and the importance of Gallaudet's identity as a private institution.

GUP 11 Policies and Procedures
Managers will become better acquainted with the on-line Administration and Operations Manual. The Family Medical Leave Act and other laws governing employment will also be covered.

GUP 12 Administering Compensation
This course will help managers understand the new staff compensation system, be able to explain it to staff and answer questions, and be able to link compensation to the Performance Evaluation process.

GUP 13 Evaluating Staff Performance
Establishing clear expectations and measures are key to valid performance evaluations. This course will introduce methods of establishing expectations, providing in-process feedback, assessing outcomes, and creating evaluations that employees will find valid, actionable, and perhaps even motivational for future improved performance. 

GUP 15 Risk Management
Managers play a significant role in risk management, an important aspect of protecting Gallaudet from lawsuits and financial settlements This course will cover issues such as civil rights laws, environmental laws, student protections, workplace injury, travel safety, ADA, and the Family and Medical Leave Act. It will also teach strategies for managing interactions so that issues get resolved before they become significant problems with risk ramifications.

GUP 18 Managing the Hiring Process
You have ethical and legal responsibilities in the recruitment and selection of individuals who will become working members of the Gallaudet community. Learn the staff hiring process steps and timelines, interview procedures do's and don'ts, and how to run an effective screening committee.

GUP 20 Worker's Compensation
Managers will learn about the differences between worker's compensation laws and OHSA, how worker's compensation, the FMLA and the ADA relate to each other, procedures for processing worker's compensation paperwork, how to manage a work related injury, and how to make Gallaudet a safe place to work.

GUP 21 Driving Safety
Driving is so commonplace that it is sometimes easy to forget the risks of the road. This safety workshop is advisable for all employees, but required for those employees who anticipate driving more than 12 times a year for Gallaudet. In this workshop, you'll learn about possible litigation arising from traffic accidents, defensive driving tips, and compliance with our internal driving policies.

Leadership Development Courses

LD 117 Introduction to Leadership (on-line)
This course examines how to be a successful (that is, effective) leader. Based on D. Quinn Mills' book, Leadership: How to Lead, How to Live, a text used at Harvard Business School, this course asks the crucial questions about leadership in today's organizations: What is leadership and why is it important? What does effective leadership require? What is visionary leadership? What is the role of charisma? What is the difference between managing, administering, and leading?

LD 118 Leaders and Work-Life Balance (on-line)
This course addresses the question of work-life balance, one which is of great importance to leaders in all settings. Based on D. Quinn Mills' book, Leadership: How to Lead, How to Live, a text used at Harvard Business School, this course looks at methods and techniques to reconcile work and family. You will also consider the question of personal fulfillment and the needs and demands of leadership.

LD 119 Leading and Managing Change (on-line)
Whether adopting new technology or adapting to a drastic shift in an organization's core focus, managers play a fundamental role in effecting changes. Based on D. Quinn Mills' book, Leadership: How to Lead, How to Live, a text used at Harvard Business School, this course addresses the key issues managers face in a dynamic environment. By understanding the steps in effecting change and how to overcome resistance, a manager can successfully lead change at various levels of an organization.

LD 120 Leading Teams (on-line)
This course addresses the key issues surrounding leadership in a team. Why is it important? What does it require for a team leader to lead his team effectively? Based on D. Quinn Mills' book, Leadership: How to Lead, How to Live, a text used at Harvard Business School, this course considers how team leaders must account for the special and unique circumstances of working in a team, where responsibility, accountability, communication, and leadership are shared.

LD 121 Excelling as a Manager or Supervisor
This course will show managers and supervisors how to successfully make the transition from team player to take-charge leader.  Attendees will learn how to motivate employees, how to work through conflict and difficult behavior, and how to establish the credibility and authority they need to organize constantly shifting projects, priorities, and deadlines.

Finance Courses

PSF101 Finance 101: Gallaudet Budget Basics
The class overviews of high level financial situation at Gallaudet, basic budgeting concepts, what the PS reports contains, how to analyze your department's budget, basic excel functions and general budget practices.

PSF301 Finance 301: Gallaudet Endowment Basics
The class explains the PeopleSoft endowment reports that can be used to help administrators budget their endowment funds and to monitor that applicable expenses are being properly charged against these funds.