Professional Development Program

Training and Development Philosophy

Gallaudet University's development philosophy is rooted in our University credo that learning is a lifelong quest. As such, our goal is to provide training and development opportunities that will both help employees increase their effectiveness by building and refining job skills, and also enhance the level of service provided to the University.

Guiding Principles

  • Provide development and training programs that support University priorities.
  • Establish a culture of competence through adequate management, diversity and skills development opportunities.
  • Promote formal and informal development opportunities.
  • Establish a required a core curriculum of courses with additional electives based on interests and performance needs.
  • Present development in a variety of formats based on best way to get information across and use valuable staff time reasonably.
  • Use recognition and rewards to acknowledge the attainment of development goals and reinforce behavior change and application of training on the job.
  • Periodically conduct skills assessment among management and supervisory staff to ascertain development needs.

Course Schedule

The Professional Development schedule is updated frequently as new courses or added or as locations change. Please check this site often to find new opportunities. Please check Course Offerings for course descriptions.

On-line courses

There are four leadership courses offered on-line for your convenience. The courses are provided through The Welford Group training program. LD 117 - LD120 are a suite taken in sequence. Once you register, you will have 120 days to complete all four courses. As you complete each course, print out the certificate and send to Human Resources Service for your file.

To register for any of these classes, please click on the link. To register for a Finance course, please send an email to Lynn Gorham. A request will be sent and you will receive a reminder email before the class date. Classes are held in College Hall room 406, unless otherwise noted.

English for Bus. Comm. N/A

Federal Connection GUP 10

Risk Management GUP 15

Worker's Compensation GUP 20

ABC's of Public Speaking N/A

Driving Safety GUP 21

Administering Comp. (for Mgrs)

GUP 12

For more information, contact Andy Schewe.